Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taking a break...

With the holidays in full swing and the chance to get out and take pictures few and far between, I regret to inform my faithful followers -- all 4 of you -- that I won't have anything new to post before next Monday.

Fear not, however, as another new toy found its way under the Christmas tree in the form of a Lomography Fisheye camera. A few of us went camping this weekend down near Charlottesville, VA, and I took a roll of film with said camera as well as with my Holga 120mm. I am picking up the processed film tomorrow and will be sure to post the results as soon as I get some time.

We're heading to Philly for New Years Eve (and for most of the weekend), and 2009 is sure to offer a whole new rack of opportunities, so be sure and stay tuned.

Happy New Year, amigos.