Monday, June 1, 2009

MJLphotohunt: the answers

...and now the moment you've all been waiting for.

Since I know so many people clicked on the original MJLphotohunt link and probably spent hours searching for the differences between the two pictures -- really, there's no sarcasm there at all -- I thought it was about time to end the suspense.

Below are the two pictures, with the differences marked with an asterisk in the second. In no particular order, the differences were...


01. date for the Chinese New Year culture show
02. dot in the RayBan logo
03. coloring on the building facade
04. crosswalk lines
05. stripes on the pedicab driver's Adidas
07. reflector on the pedicab's front wheel
08. the cost of 7 t-shirts at Playland Gifts Inc.
09. cab registration logo on the trunk
10. reflection on the white car's hood

Give me some feedback and maybe I'll do it again. Did you participate? Did you think this was a fun thing for me to take time and do every once in a while? Did you think it was stupid? What did you -- or do you -- think?

Help me help you.