Monday, July 20, 2009

Hanging out in Perfectville with the Holga

When I went to Penn Camera a few weeks ago to buy film for my Holga 120 CFN, I asked the woman behind the counter for ISO 400, she gave me two rolls and that was that. It wasn't until I took the film out of the camera after shooting my first roll that I realized it was black & white.

Not the end of the world, obviously, as I used to shoot b+w alot during photography class in high school. It's been a while, however, and looking back, I may have chosen my subjects differently had I known the beautiful blues and greens of Kent Island weren't going to be evident when the film was processed. C'est la vie.

Enjoy a few pictures below -- more can be found on Flickr.

One thing about shooting with a Holga -- or any manual camera, for that matter -- is the potential for double-exposure. The picture below, taken by my Aunt-in-law, was a complete accident... but I actually think it's rather interesting. Kudos to her for capturing something that was obviously both surprising and hilarious.