Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japandroids, Real Estate at the Rock and Roll Hotel

Shooting at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC is, in a word, tough. It's a small venue, and while the much-improved sound (since it opened) makes it a great place to see a band, taking pictures there is less than ideal, as most of the shows feature lots of back-lighting.

On Monday night, armed with my new D300s and shooting at ISO2000, I shot Japandroids and Real Estate for BrightestYoungThings, the website that gave me my very first live music "assignment" back in September of 2007 (you can see the results of that show here, by the way... quite a difference from what I'm producing now, huh?).

First, Japandroids (more can be found on Flickr):

And now, Real Estate (more can be found on Flickr):