Thursday, November 12, 2009

BVI, Part Three: A Caribbean day-sail

One of our days spent in the British Virgin Islands was aboard Blue Moon, a 45-foot yacht captained by a gentleman from Virginia the couple we were with met last year. The whole experience was fantastic -- we had plenty of snacks, lunch, beers and beautiful weather... and I, of course, brought my camera along to take a few pictures.

The first shot below is of "The Indians," a series of rocks off the coast of Peter Island. The Indians, named for their resemblance to an Indian bonnet, are a great snorkeling spot in the BVI and one that we explored for about an hour (sorry, no underwater pictures here).

The view through one of the hatches inside Blue Moon's cabin (I believe the island you're looking at is St. John of the USVI):

The sunset over St. Thomas:

The mast of Blue Moon and a shot of Old Glory looking back towards Jost Van Dyke:

A piece of sophisticated sailing equipment (OK, so it's pretty much just a shot of rope, but I'm sure there's a technical name for the spool that it's on -- I'm not a sailor, so I don't know):

Another shot of the sunset over St. Thomas:

And finally, Captain Jim. If you've ever considered a sailing trip in the BVI and can't quite figure out who to pull the trigger with, I highly recommend the Blue Moon -- the accommodations were great and Jim couldn't be a nicer guy.