Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BVI, Part Two: White Bay

There are essentially 4 places to hang out on Jost Van Dyke -- White Bay, Great Harbour, Little Harbour and the East End. White Bay, home to a few bars, restaurants and hotels (and I use those terms very loosely) is where we spent the majority of our trip to the British Virgin Islands.

The first shot below is a pretty typical scene on White Bay, where there is no marina and no place to dock a boat. Anyone coming to visit for the day simply drops anchor and either hops in their dinghy or swims ashore (using waterproof bags to keep their wallets, shirts, etc. dry).

On the left, a local musician (and shop-keeper, I think) poses for a picture... on the right is another pretty typical scene in White Bay.

Behold the Soggy Dollar Bar, home (and birthplace) of the original Painkiller drink. The Soggy Dollar Bar got its name from the fact that, as mentioned above, everyone either has to dinghy in or swim ashore from their boats. Lots of people forgo the waterproof bags and simply throw cash in their pockets... hence the "soggy dollars" used to pay for drinks.

Oh, and by the way, the cottage we stayed in was just out of the left side of the frame... a stones-throw from the bar and the beach.

White Bay's western-most tip, about 150 yards down the beach from the Soggy Dollar and home to a variety of marine life, is a very high-traffic area for pelicans. They'll occasionally fly back and forth along the shore, but for the most part, they stick to dive-bombing unsuspecting prey, as this one is about to do.

Rain fell most days on JVD, but it rarely lasted for more than 20 or 30 minutes. On the left, water drops off the bottom of a hanging buoy at One Love Bar and Grill... on the right is a small reef between the Soggy Dollar and Ivan's, another bar on White Bay.

We had the pleasure of hearing Reuben Chinnery, a local musician, play the first day we were on the island. An acoustic guitar player with quite the chops, we were quick to learn that Reuben has been entertaining the various watering-holes on JVD for nearly 40 years.

I drank a lot of Red Stripe while on Jost, and that's really all I'll say about that.