Sunday, December 20, 2009

DC snow and a few night shots

So yeah, I guess a little snow fell on the East Coast over the weekend. Little more than a dusting, really, but people freaked out nonetheless and shenanigans were had by many in DC and, I'm sure, everywhere from Virginia to New York.

The first stop on Saturday -- after walking to the hardware and grocery stores -- was a snowball fight at the base of the Washington Monument, which I learned about via DCist. Unfortunately, the wind and falling snow throughout the day made it very hard to get more than a few shots at a time (I went by Penn Camera before venturing out to see if they had any snow/rain SLR covers, but alas, they did not).

The downtown holiday market, normally very crowded, was a ghost town on Saturday afternoon -- only two or three vendors (out of probably 30) were brave enough to be open.

The next few shots are from earlier this evening. The snow stopped late Saturday night, and while the sun was shining most of Sunday, many streets and sidewalks were still quite treacherous. 20+ inches of snow isn't exactly easy to get rid of, after all.